Huwelijk Samantha en Russell uit Canada

Huwelijk Samantha en Russell uit Canada

On May 1, 2013 my wife Samantha and I were married in Lisse, Netherlands at the Kasteel Keukenhof. When we started this process from Calgary, AB, Canada we spent time looking at the area and based on some assistance of some family from the Netherlands on my wife’s side we were able to confirm our hotel, Huis Ter Duin and the Kasteel Keukenhof. (Venues I recommend highly)

This starting process became a bit spirited between the two of us based mostly around my impatience on the process and with the 8 hour time difference, it was difficult waiting for answers at times.

I believe now this initial process spurred my wife to research and find a wedding planner in the area to assist her in our wedding. She found Astrid via the web and spent time looking at her site and references and only came to me and asked what I thought of the idea, as such I thought it was fabulous considering I knew it meant less that I was going to have to deal with and that made it just fine for me.

In came Astrid and instantly I noticed the difference in Samantha. Samantha felt much more comfortable in our decisions and felt she had someone to lean and talk to about all the wedding plans and any stress in regards to the wedding was mostly alleviated it felt with the appearance of Astrid. From there I knew they had contact however I had no idea how much and from time to time Samantha would just ask me about certain things, ie should we have a videographer of which I said no, no on 3 occasions…I think saying that it was a complete waste of money…somewhere though after that I spent time watching video after video on Royal Rushes, including finally taking the time to look at Astrid’s own video to find out whom she actually was…I came back to Samantha the next day and said yes, let’s do the video. I am VERY GLAD I changed my mind on the video, as is everyone whom has seen the video. (Funnily, even after I said no the 3rd time apparently Astrid did not cancel the videographer just in case I changed my mind.)

Astrid made our wedding day easy and sweeter than anything I could have ever imagined. She just took all our wishes, our thoughts, our own selves within her own heart and with that produced for us a day of absolute perfection. She made the storybook in our own hearts reality for us in  the day she provided.  That storybook will last the ages I am sure of. The perfect mix of charm, class and magic is what I feel we had that day and I know in my heart of hearts it was Astrid whom was there to ensure we felt that all the way. You are simply THE BEST wedding planner and an incredible person Astrid!

Thank you so very much,

Russell McWilliam